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Within next 24-48 hours our designer will send 3 options to choose from absolutely free. It will be sent on your registered email. Let's give voice to your brand with Flumble


All it takes is a tap to share all your details instantly


In App-QR so that you do not miss out on any lead

More Leads More Business

Your Style Our Technology


What all can I share?
You can share your contact information, your websites, social media, payment apps and much more.
Is any app required?
The other person doesn’t need any app or Flumble to receive your details. Flumble app is for your convenience so that you can update your details on the go.
Is it compatible with my device?
Between Tap and QR, Flumble works with almost every smartphone.

Tap function works with phones that has NFC
· All iPhones launched after 2017
· Most Android phones

For all other phones, you can ask your prospects to scan QR code that’s there in your app or on back of all the cards.
Can I customise it?
Yes, you can design your own cards and buttons, however, this is limited to orders with Minimum Order Quantity of 20.

What is return policy?
We offer 14 days refund policy and lifetime warranty on every product.

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